Hello, I am Darkula. I am 42 years old, from East Kalimantan, Indonesia. I am a farmer and a graphic designer. I like watermelon, and do some videos too.

Recently i’m doing some arts of my NFT collections:

The Fourth Century Boy: Life of a young boy from ancient times (4th Century), inspired by Dayak’s Culture from East Kalimantan with his Hudoq Mask.

MAD-M: MAD-M stands for Mad Midnite. The one with a thousand faces.

HMB: “I lie and easy when I feel heavy metal”- Heavy Metal Baby. She is the mother of clones. Cyber-organism and MAD-M is her biggest enemy.

EX-M: EX-Machina, god-like machine, with his pet Frankndog, were battled with HMB since forever.

GHO5T: Genetic Hybrid Of 5 Technology. The great source and knowledge. To create and to destroy.

Thank you very much to the collectors, artists, investors and owners who always support my projects, i love you all.